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Catechism Tests

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Catechism of the Catholic ChurchIn this section, you'll find questions which are directly derived from the instruction of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The complete test is broken up into seven individual tests. The tests and the questions therein refer back to specific paragraphs in the Catechism.

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NOTE: To enter an on-line Catechism of the Catholic Church, click on the image of the CCC book.

o Test #1 (CCC 26 to 421)
o Test #2 (CCC 422 to 747)
o Test #3 (CCC 748 to 987)
o Test #4 (CCC 988 to 1405)
o Test #5 (CCC 1420 to 1948)
o Test #6 (CCC 1949 to 2550)
o Test #7 (CCC 2558 to 2865)